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My love of writing and literature led me to pursue my BA in English with a concentration in creative writing at Colby College, in Waterville Maine. I graduated cum laude, with distinction in the major, and with Honors in 2009. In May 2012, I received my MFA in creative writing with a concentration in poetry at the New School in New York City.

Shortly after my Master’s program, I co-founded and continue to co-edit The Mackinac, an online poetry magazine. In addition to editing the magazine, I curate each issue's Companion Playlist, write "The Liquor List," pairing each poem with a beverage. I also share responsibilities formulating interview questions for our featured poets.

Since the fall of 2016 I have been pursing my PhD in English with a concentration in creative writing at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where I teach beginning composition and serve as the Development Editor for the school’s literary magazine, cream city review.

Elsewhere in my professional life, my passion for sailing has brought about many hours—and jobs—on yachts in the Northeast, culminating in earning my 50 ton captain’s license. For several years I was able to combine my love of the water with creative expressions through various positions in social media and marketing content development in the marine industry.

Teaching Philosophy

My Motivation for Teaching

In the year between my undergraduate and graduate studies, I worked full time as a tutor to a high school senior. I managed her academic program in conjunction with her private school and assisted with her college applications. Working one on one with a bright, motivated student was an enriching experience for me. I enjoyed the subject matters I taught and the intellectual challenge of exploring those topics with an engaged pupil. Additionally, I found it to be a rewarding experience helping her pursue her academic and personal ambitions.


My time as a tutor was reminiscent to the many summers I spent as a sailing instructor. I found it so gratifying when I saw one of my students break through to a new level of understanding and become as excited about sailing as I am.  Seeing students become enthused about writing, whether it is creative or purely academic, has the same reward. As a poet and short story writer, helping students in both creative writing classes and composition has been fulfilling. I am motivated to teach by my love of the subject matter and believe that my enthusiasm spurs on learning in my students.

Classroom Environment

In order to create a positive community in the classroom, I begin class with a quick “ice breaker” question for each student to answer out loud. I find that answering these questions allows students to get to know each other better which translates to more productive group work and peer review exercises. It also gives shy students the opportunity to participate in a low-pressure scenario.


Additionally, I arrange the classroom in a circle so that students can address each other as they speak. I tend to use the Socratic method to begin class discussions, inviting students to explore a topic by answering open-ended questions in their our words.  In doing so, students develop critical thinking skills verbally that they can later apply to their written work.


A large number of my classes beginning with a free writing exercise that allow students to mentally transition from what they were doing before class. These activities also serve as a way for students to reflect on previous assignments and prepare themselves for class discussions. I frequently play instrumental music during these exercises to create a welcoming, relaxing environment.

Place-Based Curriculum

In an effort to engage students in the course, I strive to find topics that they can relate to and see in their own lives. My primary tactic for doing so is by adopting a place-based curriculum. I have surveyed my students and discovered that they appreciate reading materials that discuss local issues that they are able to observe themselves. Through this connection to place, I find I can more effectively inspire students.

Fostering Personal Connections

I lead with empathy in the classroom, striving to make a personal connection with each one of my students. Growing up dyslexic and struggling to learn to read, I personally realize how frustrating academia can be for students who learn differently. Having had the benefit of tutors during my early academic career, I know how to effectively relate to students who might be struggling in school. Even though I initially found academics challenging, I found my passion in reading literature and writing so I feel I can also relate to students who thrive in an academic environment. I believe that I am able to connect with my pupils on a deep, sincere level and be an advocate for them going forward in their academic career.


Curriculum Vitae


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Anticipated graduation in 2021
  • Milwaukee, WI

  • Doctor of Philosophy

  • English with a concentration in Creative Writing


The New School: May 2012
  • New York, NY

  • Master of Fine Arts                                        

  • Creative Writing

Colby College: May 2009
  • Waterville, ME

  • Bachelor of Arts                                                         

  • English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing

  • Cum Laude, Distinction in the Major, and with Honors


The University of Cape Town: Summer & Fall 2007
  • Cape Town, South Africa


el Universidad de Salamanca: Fall 2005
  • Fall 2005        


Teaching Experience

Thrill Hill Recording: 2009- 2010
  • Managed the academic program for a high school senior

  • Supervised the college application process


University of Wisconsin: 2016-Present
  • ENGLISH 101 Introduction to College Writing

  • ENGLISH 102 Introduction to Research Writing  

  • ENGLISH 233 Introduction to Creative Writing

  • ENGLISH 101 Introduction to College Writing (Online)

Jamestown Art Center: 2017 
  • Summer Writing Workshop: Nature Writing

  • Summer Writing Workshop: Poetry

Literary Positions

The Mackinac: 2013-Present

  • Co-Founding Editor

  • Selecting poetry for The Mackinac, an online literary journal

  • Managing readership out reach projects including writing the “Liquor List” and compiling a musical “Companion Playlist” for each issue

  • Constructing newsletters for email marketing campaigns

  • Running the journal’s Facebook and Instagram accounts

cream city review: 2016-Present
  • Development Editor


The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers: 2013-2014, 2017
  • Judge for the Delaware Region for the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards


Writing Workshops

Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference in Sicily: 2013
  • Erice, Italy      


Published Work

  • “Saturday Morning at the Taxidermist," 2009

    • The Northern New England Review

  • Review of Bird~Brain by Matt Mauch, 2016

    • The Mackinac

  • "#34," 2018

    • ​Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets 2019 Calendar    

  • "The Ice on the River," 2018

    • Barnstorm Literary Journal​


Conference Presentations

“Place-Based Curriculum in the Composition Classroom.” You Are Here: Interdisciplinary Conference on Place, Space, and Embodiment. Omaha, NE, March 25, 2017.


Graduate Coursework

Fall 2010

NWRG5100 Poetry Workshop

  • Craig Morgan Teicher

NWRG5200 Poetry Literature Seminar (Minimalism)

  • Elaine Equi

NWRG5800 Writer’s Life Colloquium


Spring 2011

NWRG5100 Poetry Workshop

  • Mark Bibbins

NWRG5200 Poetry Literature Seminar (Great Poems)

  • David Lehman

NWRG5800 Writer’s Life Colloquium


Fall 2011

NWRG5100 Poetry Workshop

  • Laurie Sheck

NWRG5200 Short Story Literature Seminar

  • James Lasdun

NWRG5800 Writer’s Life Colloquium


Spring 2012

NWRG5800 Writer’s Life Colloquium

NWRG5920 Creative Thesis & Literature Project

  • Laurie Sheck


Fall 2016

ENGLISH 701 Teaching College Composition

  • Shevaun Watson

ENGLISH 716 Poetic Craft and Theory (Intertextualities: Sampling, Collage, Palimpset)

  • Brenda Cardenas

ENGLISH 819 Project in Creative Writing

  • Rebecca Dunham


Spring 2017

ENGLISH 778 Native American Literature (Native Image, Native Resistance in Lit, Art & Film)

  • Kimberly Blaeser

ENGLISH 816 Seminar in Poetry Writing (Voice and Style)

  • Rebecca Dunham

ENGLISH 819 Project in Creative Writing

  • Rebecca Dunham

Fall 2017

ENGLISH 715 Narrative Craft and Theory (Nonfiction: Biography, History and the Present)

  • Liam Callanan

ENGLISH 772  Restoration & 18th Century Literature (Aesthetics and the Body)

  • Barrett Kalter

ENGLISH 819 Project in Creative Writing

  • Rebecca Dunham


Spring 2018

EXCEDUC 301 American Sign Language 1 

  • Ashley Hofkamp

ENGLISH 816 Seminar in Poetry Writing (Spirit, Witness, and Social Action)

  • Kimberly Blaeser

ENGLISH 999 Independent Reading

  • Rebecca Dunham

Fall 2018

ENGLISH 990 Research in English

  • Maurice Kilwein-Guevara



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